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In recent years, the increased unpredictability of consumer repayment behavior has led to rising credit losses for countless lenders.

Subtle, quiet changes in consumer behavior are a ticking time bomb for lenders. Gain unprecedented visibility into your deployed models with turkle.

turkle is a standardized way to monitor all your models, always with business in mind. Compare the performances of all your credit scoring models in one centralized platform, and effortlessly integrate new models with a simple setup process.

Have full visibility into what is happening in production. 


Detect both feature and concept drifts in real-time and be ready to take proactive measures.

Turkle guides you to the heart of the problem automatically, saving you valuable time and enabling more efficient decision-making.

Data security first


  • You have full control of where your data is processed and stored
  • Fully compliant with European data security laws, including GDPR
  • Strict anonymization and data retention policies


  • Scores and metrics are tailored to suit your risk management needs
  • Get relevant and actionable insights
  • Full support is always included

Tailored to your risk management

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Jonathan Rehn, co-founder

Oscar Björklund, co-founder

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